Thursday, November 12, 2009

SoZo Hosting Network Security

Network Security

Firewall Systems – Our network has firewall systems which only allow access to specific ports as needed for our clients. All other ports are closed so the outside internet does not have access to our network.

Intrusion Prevention Systems – Unlike other hosting companies, SoZo Hosting uses intrusion prevention systems which are used to scan incoming and outgoing network packets for signatures that may resemble a hack attempt. The intrusion prevention systems filter out all hack signatures that are recognized before they reach our network. This is another level of security we offer to prevent systems from being compromised. We provide security features that other hosting companies lack.

Spam Prevention – Our network is protected in real-time from spam email. This system is always being fine-tuned to intercept spam before it reaches our servers or clients’ mailboxes.
Physical Security - The data center is equipped for security with a gated card reader for entry to the premises followed by card readers into the facility and locked cages.

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