Thursday, November 12, 2009

SoZo Hosting Services

A Host of Services

Sozo Hosting offers a host of services including:

1) Dedicated Hosting- Specializing in

Coldfusion Dedicated Server Click Here For More Info

Linux Dedicated Server Click Here For More Info

Windows Dedicated Server Click Here For More Info

2) Ruby On Rails Dedicated Hosting -- Click Here For More Info

3) Managed Hosting (Let us look after everything for you) -- Click Here For More Info

4) VPS and Cloud Hosting -- Click Here For More Info

5) Atlanta Colocation -- Click Here For More Info

6) Shared Hosting (specializing in Coldfusion, Linux, Windows) -- Click Here For More Info

7) Reseller Plans For Shared Hosting -- Click Here For More Info

8) Microsoft Exchange -- Click Here For More Info

9) Internet Advertising Services: Full Page Ad on over 20 web business directories. Get on multiple business search sites and blogs on our services with no pay per click charges -- Click Here For More Info

10) SEO Newsletter Tips and Free Site Crawls for Search Engine Ranking Info -- Click Here For More Info

11) SSL Certificates -- Click Here For More Info

12) Full system recovery backups and file restores as needed

13) Domain Registrations. Buy Domains Cheap at only $10.95/year -- Click Here For More Info

14) Awesome Technical Support with knowledge base, technical videos and expert system engineers -- Click Here For More Info

SoZo Hosting Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Services -- we build custom 3-tier architectures for clients from the web server back to the database server.

Forget about spending countless hours purchasing, deploying and managing your hardware, network and data center yourself. SoZo Managed Hosting Services will take care of those details for you at competitive rates. SoZo’s managed hosting services include: servers, firewalls, load balancers and more! Managed Hosting means you get the flexibility you need to customize your OS, servers and devices without having to monitor, backup, troubleshoot, patch, or worry about the hardware and network. Our expert engineers look after all of that for you.

Contact us for a quote on the new services you need. We can build redundant firewalls and perform load balancing for high availability of your network device layer so that any single device can be removed from your configuration and your site will remain up and online. Every component of your infrastructure should be scalable. As your business grows, you can plan for upgrades and additional dedicated servers for the areas that will soon cause a performance bottleneck.

Speak with our experts today and learn how we can help your business grow. Give us a call at 800-640-4892 or email with any questions regarding our managed hosting services.

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SoZo Hosting Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting***1 MONTH FREE ***

You Run your Business and we'll take care of your Systems! SoZo Hosting offers dedicated servers: Coldfusion Dedicated Server, Windows Dedicated Server, Linux Dedicated Server and Ruby on Rails Servers. Our support staff is ready to quickly help you configure a new dedicated server and provide you with excellent ongoing 24/7 support.

A dedicated server allows customers to lease pre-configured, high-end equipment and connectivity from SoZo Hosting. The client can log directly into their dedicated server, offering greater flexibility than shared hosting. Our high-speed network provides an 99.99% SLA with a secure infrastructure and server experts available 24/7 to keep your servers running trouble-free. Email or give us a call 1-800-640-4892 for any questions you might have on our dedicated server plans.

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SoZo Web Advertising Services

More Ways People Can Find Your Site On The Web - FOR FREE!

Click on this FREE White Pages link to add your web site and Ad Caption to over 20 business directory listings including some blog sites for FREE! We also give you a FREE internet account to change your Ad Caption as often as desired. Your Ad Caption (up to 100 characters long) is displayed in the 20 + Business directories with a hyperlink to your home page. So sign up now for this FREE service clicking on this link: FREE White Pages to get your site and ad caption up in the next business day!

Small Business Ad

Small Business are being frustrated with pay per click web advertising programs. Sozo Hosting Web Advertising Division offers a flat rate of only $19.95/month for FULL PAGE ADS that you can edit as often as desired. For more information on how these Full Page Ads link to your web site, click on this link: Small Business Ad

Web Advertising Services

Full Page Ads on over 20 business directories, and your Ad captions in blogs, business search sites - All with no pay per click charges! IS THE WORLD FINDING YOUR SITE ON THE WEB? Getting frustrated you are not being found by web surfers to get known? Sozo Web Advertising Services is the solution as we offer the best Site Advertising, Product Advertising and Logo or Banner Advertising! We give you your own private internet advertising account to customize your Ad Caption for all our search engines and your full Page Ad on over 20 Business Directories. Get your own ad caption right in the Search Results Grid on multiple search sites. Change your Ads as often as you want. Add 2 images on your Ad Page to for product or service advertising having the images hyperlinked to any page in your web site. Your Full Page Ad is called a Directory Link Page that links to your home page to help drive more traffic to your web site. This is great web advertising for your dollar if you compare it to any other internet advertising program.

30 Day Free Trial Is Now Running- Sign Up Today!

Many businesses are shifting more dollars to internet advertising since more people are using the web. Larger Corporations are spending $80-90,000/ month on internet advertising pushing some sites (your site?) out of range to the common web surfer. SoZo Web Advertising Services is the Solution! SoZo's multiple Search Sites allow only business and non profit organizations that sign up with us to be on our business search. These sites such as (,,, ) show Google, Bing, Yahoo and our search results all on the same page! We wantyou to be found by web surfers to drive more traffic to your site. The benefits are tremendous! Your advertising caption and Directory Link Page can be found on all our Search Sites after you make changes in your own private internet account we grant you. We also email you the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Month telling you how the major search engines work and how you can add more tags and information to your web site to assist in your search rankings. Click on the promo picture to the left or on this link to add your web site (or sites) and get started today on the 30 day free trial offer: Click here for more info:

SoZo Hosting Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Our network has been designed to provide the client with fast response to their e-business needs, a secure architecture to resist intrusion, and the ability to scale for future growth demands.

SoZo Hosting servers are in a secure location where only authorized personnel are permitted entry. We use Enterprise firewalls which inspect data at the packet level to ensure network integrity. All of our core systems are hardened to only run services that are necessary for operation all other services are disabled. Our core systems are also protected with antivirus and intrusion prevention systems.

Our core systems and dedicated servers are all setup on reliable hardware with a secure configuration. We use hardware from vendors that have a proven track record in reliability and support maintenance. All of our servers are built with a RAID 1 disk configuration. This will allow us to keep our systems running in case of a disk failure. We have spare systems ready on standby in case one of our dedicated servers or core systems was to have a hardware failure.

Infrastructure Management Services

If you need a team of engineers that know how to build and maintain your infrastructue, you have come to the right place. Sozo has a team of engineers that can partner with your company to build, mantain and plan your infrastructure needs. We will also help define, streamline and optimize your IT resources and system needs in order to lower your total cost of ownership. With today's evolving IT technology your company needs to know what IT tools to leverage to help your business run more efficiently. Whether you need us to help maintain your systems or network in your office or in a datacenter we can assist with both.
Click on this infrastructure management services link for more info on how we can help you.

SoZo Hosting Reliable Networks

Reliable Networks

Our bandwidth to the internet is provided by XO Communications. XO provides its own private, nationwide, multi-terabit network which delivers industry-leading IP connectivity at the fastest speeds available today. The XO network has a high-capacity IP network with a terabit-capable routing core that provides speed capacity and flexibility. XO has extensive network peering relationships which gives them direct paths to all other major network service providers so that your internet traffic travels shorter distances and at peak speed.

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SoZo Hosting Network Security

Network Security

Firewall Systems – Our network has firewall systems which only allow access to specific ports as needed for our clients. All other ports are closed so the outside internet does not have access to our network.

Intrusion Prevention Systems – Unlike other hosting companies, SoZo Hosting uses intrusion prevention systems which are used to scan incoming and outgoing network packets for signatures that may resemble a hack attempt. The intrusion prevention systems filter out all hack signatures that are recognized before they reach our network. This is another level of security we offer to prevent systems from being compromised. We provide security features that other hosting companies lack.

Spam Prevention – Our network is protected in real-time from spam email. This system is always being fine-tuned to intercept spam before it reaches our servers or clients’ mailboxes.
Physical Security - The data center is equipped for security with a gated card reader for entry to the premises followed by card readers into the facility and locked cages.

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SoZo Hosting History

SoZo Hosting Corporation Information

SoZo Hosting is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in late 2000. SoZo means to 'heal, restore, deliver, save' and our goal is to have the service we provide to our customers reflect the company's name. Our Tier-1 facility offers multiple sources of bandwidth and power redundancy. We strive to provide 99.9% uptime for our clients.

For correspondence, write us at: SoZo Hosting, Inc.1759 Ellen St. Atlanta, GA 30318 or email us at: